Zurpit Users Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zurpit!?
Zurpit! is an online registry for anyone interested in posting virtually anything. Zurpit! offers an open space for sellers, buyers, job seekers and employers alike.

How does Zurpit work?
If you would like to post an ad, follow these simple steps:

  • You simply click on the green Post Ad button on the top right-hand side of the homepage
  • Select the general category that best describes what you are offering from the drop-down menu. Select from the sub-categories, in order to reach the closest possible category for what you are offering (the more categories you apply, the easier your post will be to find)
  • You'll have an easy step-by-step form to fill out, including general information, and contact information
  • After the form is complete, Zurpit! and you're ad is posted live

Who should Zurpit! ?

Why should one Zurpit! ?
Zurpit! has a unique user interface allowing users to post and view highly detailed ads in various categories. Zurpit! has a user-friendly and thorough search engine allowing you to get the most accurate and up-to-date search results from within our database.

How much does it cost to Zurpit!?
Nothing! Zurpit! is a free-of-charge service, for all interested users.

I came across an ad that is miscategorized, is there anything I can do?
Yes, at the bottom of each ad there is a Report Ad button. Use this anytime you come across an ad which is miscategorized, spam, or contains inappropriate content. We will use this report to either remove the ad completely, or move it to its correct category.

I posted an ad and I can no longer find it, why?
Your ad may have been reported as miscategorized, spam, or as containing inappropriate content. You can find out if your ad was removed through your Ad Manager. If you believe your ad was removed in error please feel free to Contact Us.

What is the Zurpit Ad Manager?
The Zurpit Ad Manager is a convenient tool allowing you to review all your current posted ads. Using the Ad Manager you can edit, remove, or bump up your ad. The Ad Manager is available to registered users only.

My ad is only a week old and it's already on page 17, can I repost the ad?
No need for that! Your Zurpit Ad Manager allows you to bump up your ad. If you repost the same ad, it will automatically be removed as our system will see it as a duplicate ad. You may bump up your ad once every 24 hours.

Have a question for Zurpit! ?
Send us an email at anytime to: faq@zurpit.com

Have suggestions for us on how to improve?
Send us an email at anytime to: suggestions@zurpit.com

From all of us at Zurpit!,

Thank you,now go Zurpit!